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Hawaii Sunset
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We all have
a story to tell.


I hit the ground running with my audiobook career and recorded over 50 titles in my first year, delighting many clients along the way with my ability to bring their stories to life. My endlessly curious nature and knowledge about many subjects such as the environment, women’s empowerment, family dynamics and mental health brings depth and authenticity to my performances. Growing up amidst the wheat fields of Kansas, rooted a friendly yet powerful voice deep inside of me and one that I use to connect with audiences. My clear, distinctive tone resonates with listeners across all genres. I have honed my warm, conversational delivery through the many roles I have played in life: the singer in me loves the theatrical, the mother is empathetic, the horticulturalist thrives in nature, the business woman takes charge, the caretaker is compassionate, and the athlete is determined. I am blessed to have this career that blends all of my passions with one of my favorite pastimes, storytelling.

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